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Running head, MANAGED CARE Cynthia Norris Ashford University Tricia Devin MHA 614: Policy Formation & Leadership in Health Care Organizations

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The focus on this paper is to show how analyzed research on managed care and, the issues of rising exposure to health care costs is threating the wellbeing of American families. Research by Nunez, R., &
Kleiner, B. H. (2012) Gives insight into conducted research to show how research of managed care has increasingly become a leading development in regards to the finances in managed
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The positive side here is the public will finally be allowed in 2014 to do some comparisons and, competitive shopping for health care so, they can manage their health care needs more effectively.

Further conducted research How corporate PR is killing health care shows how in the U.S both employers and, insurers have forced Americans into a consumer- driven plan that have high deductibles, benefits not being paid out and, increases in out of pocket expenses which, has caused many either to delay or forgo medical care. ). How corporate PR is killing health care discusses major problem with insurance carriers as, one must be able to grasp the legal aspects involved with insurance cartels in regards to the federal law is on their side. The wellbeing of Americans truly is threatened as, Americans cannot do much to increase their choices, options to access affordable health care due to many employers in luau of the 2104 pressing Obama Care plan they have made cutbacks in employees, cut back employee hours therefore so, they do not have to offer health coverage to employees as, they will force employees to purchase their own insurance.

Americans that are insured receive their health care from managed care plans that are either HMO’s or, PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organizations). Most Americans are forced into managed care by their employers due to companies offering one managed care option or, worse no insurance at
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