Management Issues: Literature Review and Report

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Management Issues: Literature Review and Report Introduction Motivation is important to keep the employees committed towards their job responsibilities and dedicated towards the corporate wide objectives of their organization. It is one of the core functions performed by the Human Resource Department of an organization. There are different management techniques which can be used by organizations to motivate their employees. These techniques include monetary or financial rewards and non-monetary or non-financial rewards. Monetary rewards are the extrinsic factors of motivation. These rewards include salary, bonuses, periodic or performance based increments, cash rewards, discounted product or service packages, and other financial benefits. On the other hand, non-monetary rewards include all those intrinsic factors that do not involve money; for example performance appraisal, promotion to higher job positions, greater responsibilities, job rotation, etc. Both these types of rewards are given by organizations to motivate their employees and keep them committed towards their job responsibilities. The Literature is full of the researches carried out on different motivational factors and techniques which organizations from all over the world use in different situations. The purpose of this paper is to critically review some recent research studies which compare different motivational techniques and discuss their usefulness and efficacy for the business organizations.
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