Managing A Team Of Multi Generational Workers Essay

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In today’s world, the problems of managing a team of multi-generational workers can be best described by the difference in the generation in the workforce. This usually is the main reason for conflicts in the workplace but sometimes can be a boon for the employers for the development of an organisation to be more efficient and productive. Authoritative approaches to deal with these inadequate nowadays as these are of differing values and attributes with varying ambitions to either compete or collaborate with each other. Hotel human resource management (HRM) needs to deal with them separately (Clare, 2009). Jobs assigned in an organisation now are becoming more age diverse and the notion that an older employee will report to a younger employee is gradually increasing. As Human resource management aims at improving the quality of life of employees in an organisation, the true meaning differs by generation (Cogin, 2012). Today’s workplace is of three different generations, baby boomers who had an impact on them by the monetary growth after world war 2, generation x are the people who can be sceptical and are cynical at times and focus more on their professional career rather than the corporate work. Unlike others generation y also known as millennials are people who were born with technology surrounding them and are always on social networks. Loved to be known for their knowledge and service. This study attempts to consider the differing values and attributes of these three
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