Managing a Multigenerational Workfoce

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A generational perspective is also vital in explaining changing patterns of identification according to Duffy (2013). Studies have also revealed that the Veterans may be the only generation that may realize the full benefits of their different pension plans and social security benefits. As noted by Willetts (2011) widespread support across cohorts can be maintained only if younger generations believe that a similar contract will remain in place when they’re old. This factual recognition is no cause for alarm but this is just a sign of the times as noted by this researcher. Zemke, Raines, and Filipczak, (2013) stated in their later version of the text that this is the generation whose vision and hard work served to build the foundation of the world today as we know it. This generation also helped to establish family values and their model of living has been cast against other cultures around the world in this researchers opinion. Moving forward to the next generation which is referred to as the Baby Boomers, this is the generation that was born between 1943 and 1960 as noted by Zemke et al.(2013). This generation has been characterized as the first generation that came about when child rearing was a hobby and pleasure as opposed to an economic necessity. I am sure this was intended to be a positive but it warrants further investigating. The Boomers are next in line on the generational spectrum that has some unique characteristics and in this writers opinion has done much

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