Managing Conflict : Policy Compliance

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To: Martin Thomas, CEO Subject: Managing Conflict; Policy Compliance Mr. Thomas, I would like to bring to your attention a situation that has been presented to me by Jon, a Devise Products Unlimited (DPU) engineering employee. It appears that Jon has had five unexplained absences in one month which exceeds the engineering attendance policy limit by three days. Abram, Jon 's supervisor, has decided to follow the prescribed disciplinary action within the engineering policy and not pay Jon for his unexplained absences. As a result, Jon has filed a complaint with human resources against Abram stating inconsistent policy application between divisions. He states that employees from other divisions have had similar, if not higher, absentee …show more content…

Abram cares about his relationship with Jon and wants to ensure that he does not make this mistake again. In addition, Abram needs Jon 's work contribution in order to reach company goals. Had Jon gone to his supervisor beforehand and explained why additional time off was needed, perhaps Abram could have made accommodations for Jon that would have allowed him to make up the unexcused time by coming into work early or working late. Unfortunately, Jon failed to take any preventative measures and instead tried to deflect his noncompliance by focusing on the unfairness of inconsistent policy application by another division within the company. While inconsistent policy application is a serious concern, it does not negate the current policy nor constitute the necessity for a compromise. It is my opinion that Abram acted appropriately by enforcing the repercussions of breaking an existing policy and, therefore, Jon 's wages should be docked for the three unexplained absences. Second, DPU must consider how its many inconsistent policy manuals have contributed to this situation and take the necessary steps to develop one policy manual in which all employees can follow. Failure to provide the staff with the same rules and expectations lead to unfairness claims and destroy a supportive work culture. According to FindLaw (n.d.), policies must be enforced

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