Managing Human Capital and Entrepreneurship

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In modern human life, with the extremely complicated day to day busy schedules due to the development of the technology, managing electronic waste has become a mammoth task and has become a global concern.
As per, limitation of resources, increasing population and technological developments with enhanced production cycles has become the leading causes of increasing electronic waste. E-Waste Facts - About - Causes International. [ONLINE] Available at:
As it further suggests, electronic waste contains high toxic substances, where inappropriate disposal may create additional toxins which may result in cancer, reproductive disorders and many other health related problems.
E-Waste Health Hazards - Causes International. [ONLINE] Available at:
As explains, the developing South Asia and African regions, strive to increase their gross domestic production through vigorous production cycles by consumption of raw materials, whereas they have a high possibility of overtaking the electronic waste contribution, more than…
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