Mandala Religion Essay

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The beliefs and symbols illustrated in my mandala are positioned in a way that they connect to each other. The first Hindu belief is Brahman. I put the symbol of Brahman on the bottom of the mandala to show that it “controls” and “connects” to the other four beliefs. Next, the belief of multiple gods will be placed on the right side of Brahman because he is one of the many gods that the Hindus believe in. On the other side of Brahman will be Dharma because they both have to do with balancing society and the universe. On top of Dharma will be Karma. I will put it in this position because Dharma affects your Karma. If you follow rules then your Karma will be good, and if you don't follow the rules then your Karma won't be as good. Lastly, Samsara will be placed next to Karma and Dharma. Samsara would be placed next to these beliefs because your Karma is what you will receive or be like in your next life. Dharma connects to Samsara because the release called Moksha will be achieved if you follow certain spiritual and ritual practices to have a good relation and personal experience with Gods. There are many other ways that all these beliefs connect to each other, but the ways I just talked about relate to the illustrations I have drawn on the mandala.
I illustrated the belief of Brahman by using the Earth, Sun, and water droplets as symbols. I choose to
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I thought these two symbols represent dharma straight-forward and they were easy to identify what they were. The social class triangle represents each of the levels of social class that the Hindus are recognized as. If you follow your dharma which is performing and following duties and rules of your social class, then you will contribute to a better world and a stronger social class. I drew the rocks balancing to represent that they believed that as you follow your dharma, they contribute to both the harmony and balance of society and the
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