Mandatory Essay: The Life Of Homo Sacer

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The homo sacer was a term used first by the Ancient Roman figure of the sacred man, one whom has been casted outside of the law, consequently, no longer lives under its protection. Agamben elucidates the term homo sacer to be ‘the sacred man who is one that has already been judged by the people’ (Agamben, 1998: 31). Therefore, children would struggle to feel socially inclusive if one has already been pre-judged, they find themselves in this category due to the control already held over them. This links to the domination found in the article and the controlled influences one has upon others which could form a social exclusion if ‘they are dissimilar or disagree with others’ (Chang and Liang, 2016: 450). Thus, in an educational context, in order…show more content…
He explains that ‘the life of a homo sacer is devoid of value, whether in the human or in the divine perspective… the life of a homo sacer is worthless’ (Bauman 2004: 32). Consequently, children that do not experience inclusion within schooling, the reason is because society already have judged this child to be a threat. If one has already been judged, even if they haven’t, society and even teachers act upon this like they have committed a crime. This kind of act would result in them distancing themselves even more which results in some ‘kind of exclusion’ (Agamben, 1998: 13). Consequently, biopoliticial Governments goals are to preserve the equilibrium and Agamben believes that societies should be operating in such ways that are appropriate and adequate to their specific forms of political power. The rules and regulations within an educational context may result in children effect their schooling lives and result in ‘social exclusion’ which ‘causes people to do the same way of consumption as others’ (Chang and Liang, 2016:
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