Mandatory Vaccinations

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Mandatory vaccinations in public school in my opinion play a major role in children’s lives. They are safe and effective, they protect others we care about, and will protect our future generations. Throughout the years there have been thousands and thousands of children’s lives lost due to outbreaks of diseases such as polio and the measles causing many deaths among young children. Vaccinations that have become effective over the years, limiting these diseases if not getting rid of them period are the most effective way to get rid of these diseases. However, there are still some parents that refuse to have their child/children vaccinated due to their own beliefs. In this passage you will find out how these mandatory vaccinations are…show more content…
Such as purported medical reasons or religious or philosophical grounds. “Courts’ in the United States, including the Supreme Court, have consistently upheld states’ rights to compel mandatory vaccination for school children to ensure the public health and prevent diseases like measles from plaguing the population”. (Boston College Laws Review. 2016. Vol. 57 Issue1, p261-296. 36p.) No US federal vaccination laws exist; however, all states allow medical exemptions even Washington, D.C. allows both medical and religious exemptions. Though the decision of being vaccinated not only affects the mother and their kids, but also the community in which they live; therefore, the decision can’t be treated as individual ones. Some diseases that once killed many children have eliminated completely and others are close to extinction. Polio is a prime example of the effect the vaccinations have had in the United States years ago, causing many deaths. Consequently, due to the polio vaccinations, there are no reports of the disease in the United States.
Only after a long and careful review by scientist and healthcare professionals are vaccines given. They cause some mild pain and discomfort, which is nothing compared to the trauma, and discomfort of the diseases theses vaccinations prevent. Side effects of these vaccinations are very rare if any at all. For most children it’s better to have received these vaccinations than to have not
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