Mango Street Identity

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Visualize a time period where women are treated as objects and you are in severe poverty. You constantly lose friends and sometimes you get desperate enough to pay for them. Esperanza has to cope with all of this as she struggles to find her identity in a tough world. In the “House on Mango Street” the author illustrates that Esperanza can’t accept her identity because of her gender and economic status.
Esperanza illustrates how her gender is looked down upon and treated badly. Women all around the community are beaten or locked in their houses by their husband. Esperanza notices that women in general have to serve their husbands and how girls around the area are abused. Esperanza mentions that “My mother says when I get older I will settle and my blouse will learn to stay clean, but I have decided not to grow tame like the other who lay their necks on the threshold waiting for the ball and chain.”(88) In this quote when she states she will not grow tame like the others who waited for the ball and chain she is referring to the other woman on Mango Street who didn’t take action. The quote by Esperanza implies that she will do something about this and not wait to accept the bad treatment. Esperanza is naturally given the identity of a fragile girl but she will not accept that and will do what it takes to get a new identity. In Esperanza’s race women are wanted weak rather than strong. Esperanza says,”...because the Chinese, like the Mexicans don’t like their women
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