Manifest Destiny Essay

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During the 1840s, the United States became in control of miles and miles of unfamiliar territory. A way in which the leaders of the expansion justified what they were doing was by phrase known as Manifest Destiny. Manifest Density was a term used as the United States expanded, and it meant that we thought land west of us rightfully belonged to us. The United States wanted greater control of the lands from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and the political parties found a way to make this possible. The United States fought in many ways to receive the land that is now part of the country. Without Manifest Destiny, the United States would never have the ideology that created American history. The United States expanded to many different areas, …show more content…

In Amy Greenberg’s book, she told us, “between 1790 and 1830, the U.S. population more than tripled to nearly thirteen million people. “ (Greenberg 9) When individuals started realizing there was not enough room for everyone currently living in America, they knew they had to do something. They decided they should travel towards the land east of Mississippi in hopes of finding more land for their family and farms. While for some this meant pursuing specific dreams, for others it meant escaping either the harsh conditions of overcrowded American rural districts such as New England, or a range of European environments. While the families and individuals were on their search for new land, they ran into many different obstacles. All of this in turn would solve one crisis while leading to another.
On arrival of finding this new land, the Americans came into nations that were causing the progress of finding additional territory a problem. They wanted the land to be theirs, so it led to the removal of many different Indian nations. The Indian nations living in the area were Cherokee, Creek, Chicasaw and Seminole. They wanted the land for growing cotton and expanded their control, so the settlers went to the federal government to obtain the Indian territory. They turned to Andrew Jackson, and he called for the war which caused many conflicts in trying to obtain the new territory. The Indian nation to attempt to fight were the Creek nations, and it caused the

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