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Manifest Destiny can be described as a belief, in the 19th century, that North-America was destined to stretch from coast to coast and that the expansion of the U.S. throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable. It is responsible for changing the face of America and creating a new nation (Lubragge, 1809-1900). North-America’s westward expansion was due the American belief “that the strength of American values and institutions justified moral claims…”, land west of the Mississippi River “were destined for American-led political and agricultural improvement.”, and that “God and the Constitution ordained an irrepressible destiny to accomplish redemption and democratization throughout the world.” (Beatty et al.,…show more content…
Jackson “led military forces into the Florida’s during the Florida crisis. In a systematic and ruthless way, he punished the Seminal Indians for taking up arms with the Spanish, destroyed Spanish forces, and captured several cities and forts.” (Lubragge, 1809-1900)
Indian Removal Act was one of the movements that helped in North-America’s expansion. Since American Indians controlled almost all the land in the west and much of the land east of Mississippi River, expansion of the U.S. hinged on the federal policy of Indian removal (Beatty et al., 2017). The Indian Removal Act of 1830 gave president Jackson authority to begin a treaty where American Indians would receive land in the West in exchange for their land east of the Mississippi River (Beatty et al., 2017). That was the start of the North-American expansion.
In 1845 North-America started moving west, it appropriated Texas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, and Arizona Between 1845 and 1848, and Alaska in 1867 (Burnsted, 193-95). Americans had a dream of creating a democratic utopia in the west and thanks to technology that improved travel conditions such as roads, railroads, and steamboats the expansion to the west was possible. These methods of transportation and the telegraph helped people exchange economic growth and move further away from watery locations, but it was the establishment of railroads that

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