Manifest Destiny

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The Manifest Destiny was the belief that Americans had during the nineteenth century. It was the belief that it was America’s “God- given right” that the nation expanded westward and occupy the entire continent. It was the idea that fueled the Louisiana Purchase during Jackson’s presidency. It was also the reason why during James Polk’s presidency, America went to war with Mexico. The idea that America was destined to expand westward was controversial and created sectional tensions between the North and the South as conflicts concerning slavery arose. These problems would eventually lead to the Civil War. Texas had been an independent “Lone Star Republic” after the Texas revolution, but Polk wanted to annex Texas. This outraged Mexico and the Mexican cavalry attacked one of the disputed regions. This lead to Polk wanting to declare war on Mexico. America eventually won the war and after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, America gained new territory that included present-day Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and California. The new territories that America gained sparked debates over the expansion of slavery in the west and further sectionalized the North and the South. The conflicts that arose were mostly concerned with the idea of slavery. The Wilmot Proviso was an amendment that attempted to settle the conflict by banning slavery in territory that was acquired from the Mexican War. The North supported the Proviso but the South, however, responded negatively and tried to suppress
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