Mantis: A Fictional Narrative

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The next three days the hospital finally discharged Mantis to go home I was happy to have him home knowing that no one would be trying to kill him there like they were in the hospital. He would no longer be subjected to cruel treatment and their insensitive behavior he was home where he was loved and cared for unconditionally.
Mantis, Adam, and I had a task ahead of us to help him recuperate and try to improve his memory. We played a lot of mind games, memory games, word games, matching games, and card games. It was a long recovery but we all work together to help Mantis improve. It was a while before we heard from the lawyer again and when we did she declined to take the case. We inquired why was she declining, what is the problem? She answered the burden of proof is on us and negligence is hard to prove. We pointed out the nurse that helped him from the floor when he fell is a witness to what was going on, the night nurse stated he fell and I saw them standing around when my husband was calling out for help they did nothing to help him until I said something. How much more proof do you need? She insisted there was nothing more she could do and walked away leaving us high and dry. Anyway we contacted another attorney about the case it was a while before we heard from them. They declined to take the case as well …show more content…

Betty called and informed us there was a spot still available for one more person to go on the trip so I told her to book it and quickly called my sister asking if she wanted to join us on the trip to Jamaica? Of course she’d love to go but she didn’t have the funds. Assuring her not to worry about it we’ll cover it and all she needed was a passport and wouldn’t you know it she already had one. That was great I tell her we’ll be leaving next week be packed and ready to go meet us at the house. Mantis, Adam and I were excited while packing our suitcases getting ready for our trip to

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