Manual Therapy, Traction, And Exercise For Patients With Cervical Radiculopathy

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Title: Manual therapy, traction, and exercise for patients with cervical radiculopathy: a randomized clinical trial.

Author of CAT (Date): Russell Leighty (2/16/15)

Clinical Scenario: Adult female accountant complaints of right-sided lateral upper extremity numbness and tingling, pain, weakness, and dropping things held in right hand.

PICO (Clinical) Question: For adult patients with cervical radiculopathy, is manual therapy plus exercise superior to mechanical traction plus exercise? Clinical Bottom Line: A concise summary of how the results can be applied; a description of how the results will affect clinical decisions or actions. Do not report the results or findings of the study. What would you tell another PT about the clinical application of the study if you only had two minutes?

Search History: CINAHL complete: (cervical AND traction:ab) AND (manual AND therapy:ab), full text only, published between 2005 and 2014.

Citation: Young IA, Michener LA, Cleland JA, Aguilera AJ, Snyder AR. Manual therapy, exercise, and traction for patients with cervical radiculopathy: a randomized clinical trial. Phys Ther. 2009;89(7):632-42.

Study Design: Randomized Controlled Trial

Sample: 81 participants diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy from multiclinic sites were placed into two groups. The participants were selected based on their age (between 18-70), whether they were experiencing pain, paresthesias, or numbness in the upper extremities, a diagnosis of cervical
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