Many Things Make a Person Essay

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Many Things Make a Person In life one may come across many obstacles, the obstacles can either make or break a person. Dr. Benjamin Carson took the challenges that were thrown at him and used them to make himself a better person. He pushed through his problems with the help of his supporters. Many things have contributed to the appearance that Dr. Carson has in today’s society.
Dr. Carson is an open minded person, who feels that he should be able to express how he feels about the way health care currently is taken care of. “Dr. Ben Carson, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and legendary neurosurgeon, is now in the spotlight…most notable was his criticism of Obamacare” (Williams 1). When giving his opinion on Obamacare, Dr. Carson shows …show more content…

At the age of fifty, Dr. Carson began to realize that he was urinating more often than usual. He then decided that he needed to get checked out. He told his doctor that he wanted to be notified as soon as possible, not knowing how much this would affect him and where he would be at the moment. When Dr. Carson received the results from his testing he was in the middle of a delicate brain operation. His doctor told him that he “had prostate cancer, the high-grade type that spreads aggressively and kills at a high rate” (Chappell 1). This was a total setback for Dr. Carson, he was always saving others’ lives but now he was in need for someone to save his life. It felt really awkward to him to be on the opposite side then what he usually was. However with God on his side there was a blessing for him. When reality hit Dr. Carson on how serious his cancer was he decided to scale down his “ fifteen hour work day to spend more time with his wife and three sons” (Howell 4). This showed that Benjamin wasn’t sure on how much time he had with his family because of the prostate cancer and wanted to spend as much time as he could with his family.
Everyone should have goals in life, or strive to be successful. Dr. Carson was a committed neurosurgeon at John Hopkins and the commitment that he had for his occupation led him to accomplish many different things. “Surgeon Benjamin S. Carson Sr. receives the Ronald

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