The Ethical Boundaries of Universal Healthcare Essay

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Introduction The ability of U.S. organizations to be able to compete on a global scale is hampered by lesser developed countries providing workers with the same efficiency at lower pay rates. Working to fix the problem is essential to the future success of U.S. organizations and the success of U.S. citizens. The question is how to address this issue in a way that is ethically representative of our country and those who lead it. According to Princeton economist Paul Krugman one such solution is to provide Universal Healthcare in the United States in turn lessening the financial burden on organizations and the workers they employ. The dilemma this raises is around the ethical boundaries of Universal Healthcare. Roper stated that Paul …show more content…

Although division is seen between the political parties of the Republicans and Democrats, points exist to where lawmakers agree on the reform of healthcare. Lawmakers do, however, have three major points they agree. These points are the banning of underwriting by private insurance companies, providing federal funding to assistance low income families with securing insurance, and by accessing Medicare’s funding to its full advantage to reduce patients billing (Times Topics, 2009). While lawmakers have managed to agree on some points, by drafting a complete healthcare reform that is ethical. This will call for Congress to agree on a bill that fits President Obama’s views, requiring substantial research and planning. For healthcare to be fair and permeable for every person, America’s leaders will have to identify the current issues dividing the population. This means removing prejudices and developing a plan that can be seen as universal. It should help to increase the types and availability of health insurance and give those not coverage the means to secure coverage. Passing a new healthcare bill that will establish a plan that is “option driven” will place the overall decision and type of coverage in the hands of the public. This will remove the stigmata off of leaders, doctors, and health maintenance organizations. But, the two major factors that will

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