Marching The Way Into Our Future

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Marching Our Way Into Our Future A variety of students have told me that they’d never be in marching band because it demands a lot of time and dedication. Though I concede that band does require a lot of time, it still is not enough reason to not be in it. Every discourse community is different when it comes to their goals, ideals, and diversity. They require different attributes in order to effectively join them, in other words to “fit in” but certainly they all require commitment and time. Therefore, I encourage everyone to join band, some of your best memories will root from it as well as long lasting friendships that can benefit you in the future. I am personally a part of the band community, especially the marching band side and can prove it through the use of logos, ethos, and pathos. Some students may try to convince you to not join marching band for many excess amounts of reasons. For example, the long hot days we battle, the short water breaks, extensive training, etc.Throughout this analysis you will come into conclusion that in the end it is all worth it. Khalil Gibran once said “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”. In other words, it doesn 't matter how much you suffer, all that pain will make you someone stronger both personality and physically wise when it comes to marching band. Don 't let others choose for you, and find through your own means whether you 'll benefit from it. There has been
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