Marconi Telecommunication Mexico Case Study Essay

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Homework n°1: Marconi Telecommunication Mexico

Marconi Telecommunications Mexico: I. Statement of the problem: 1) Identification of the problem: Marconi Telecommunications Corporation (Martel) is one of the Canada’s most international telecommunications providers. Martel purchased control of Lerida Telecom of Mexico in 1997. The company wanted to find the right people to manage their Latin American operations. Martel sent approximately 25 managers to Mexico, all the managers had been chosen both, internally and externally, as the company tried to select individuals with the skills required for an overseas assignment. However, the company had to deal with some problems from the process of expatriation. The process …show more content…

In addition, Martel could set up a polycentric management approach in hiring local people in key positions. IV. Statement of alternatives: 4) Alternative 1: Intensive training/preparation
Martel should make sure that managers who do not know to speak Spanish have an intensive training in order to be more effective in the work field. Moreover, the training should include spouses in order to be to avoid rejection or cultural shock This program should include: language, housing, schools, recreation, social clubs, and so on. Regarding housing, Martel should more prepare the safety concerns, as Mexico is a dangerous city, families do want to live in a safety environment. Martel should also make sure that the third party hired to help the expatriates in their first few months of moving to the foreign country helps the managers and their families with daily tasks and accustoms them to the local environment, before letting them be on their own. If the company takes care of well housing the managers and their families, it would avoid the relocation and so the expenses. Martel should also help the spouses in attaining work permits and then work in the foreign country. 5) Alternative 2: Increased the benefits/compensations
This kind of policy can retain talent and one of the goals of the company is to retain their human capital in order to be more competitive. The human

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