Margaret Mead Research Paper

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Success is a funny thing. Some define success as having a lot of money or a high power career. Others define it as how happy a person is within their life. No matter how success is defined, Margaret Mead's view on success applies. "But while we often rejoice in the success of people far removed from ourselves-people who work in another profession, live in another community, or are endowed with a talent that we do not especially want for ourselves-we tend to regard the success of people close at hand, within our own small group, as a threat" (Margaret Mead). Mead traveled the world studying different cultures and would be able to observe this behavior in cultures outside of America. Her statement isn't specific to one culture or another; it…show more content…
As a young elementary school girl I dreamt of being like the high school seniors in my community. I would watch them laugh, have fun with their friends at games and school functions. I dreamt of when it would be my turn. Between then and now I acquired ambitious goals and dreams. These desires and my drive to push and be my best require I put much of my energy into my school work and extracurricular activities. I want to get into a good college and get a quality education, without the major student debts. These goals paired with my aspirations to excel in academics, cheer, and the clubs I'm a part of, has spread me pretty thin over the school year. I never imagined my senior year would look like this. I'm so stressed about all my obligations, and my future I forget to enjoy my last days of high school. If I want to accomplish the things I want; place well at state cheer, graduate with a 4.0, attain scholarships, score well on my AP exams, maintain friends, I just have to do what has to be done. This pressure to be successful, compete with other young adults across the nation and within my school is a direct example of the success Mead describes in her
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