Mariama Magona

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Upon entering the room, one will notice a bed sitting in the middle of a cluttered room. The objects that are scattered throughout the room have no organization. But in this space that I call my room, you will find objects that tend to maintain their location throughout the many storms that occur in my room. In this room, you will find things that comfort me. The wine red book reads “Holy Bible”. Engraved in the bottom right-hand corner is “Mariama Magona” in a gold print. This bible entered my life when I became confirmed and baptized into the United Methodist Church in 2012. My pastor writes a verse on the inside cover reminding me to “let all that I do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14). Whatever trouble I face in my personal or educational life, I turn to the bible to be caressed and comforted by the words of God. The words come to life in this book and speak to …show more content…

Blonde hair on top of a smiling face. Purple flowers. The full sized pillow has a permanent resting place at the foot of my bed. The pillow remedies the loneliness I face after my “friend’s” departure. At night, I console the plush bed ornament and it conforms to my curves, imitating the human touch that I desire. The pillow, my companion, fills the space in my bed and allows me to reminisce on the time I spent with my friend. When I feel lonely, this pillow comforts me. There is brown, wooden jewelry box on my bookshelf. Inside are the various accessories I like to collect, including necklaces. On the day of my baptism, I received a necklace. This cross, carved from ivory, gives me a sense a protection. Sometimes I remove it to wear a more fashion forward necklace but whenever the feeling of danger arises, I quickly seek to wear my necklace. At night, images of my grandmother’s failing health and death flood my mind. To suppress the tears, to clear my mind, I grasp the necklace and stroke the necklace as I beg God for piece of mind. When I feel lonely, this necklace comforts

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