Marianne Moore 's The Fish

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Marianne Moore’s nature and artistic background contribute to her modernist style and is prominent in her poem “The Fish.” Marianne Moore wrote in the 1930’s, a decade of change. Moore is characterized as a writer who uses overall nature, art, life, modesty, and humor. Her writing is recognized by its descriptions, and observations of people, places, animals, and art. Her poems reflect the relationship between common and uncommon (“Marianne Moore” Poetry Foundation). Marianne Moore’s biographical background contributes to her symbolic writings. Moore’s mother is the person who most inspired her. She came from a divorced home and lived with her mother and her grandfather. He was a presbyterian pastor. Her father was absent in her life due to the fact that he was also institutionalized. Moore’s early jobs inspire the nature part of her writings. After college, she was in charge of the commercial department of the United States Indian School at Carlisle. She taught subjects such as bookkeeping and typing to young Indians. In 1918, she decided to move to New York where she taught at a private school. Three years later she was an assistant at the Hudson Park branch of the New York Public Library (Garrigue 194). Moore’s early career choices to be a painter and interest in biology influenced the scientific and artistic aspect of her poetry. She wanted to be a painter like Carlos Williams. She decided to study medicine and caught an interest for biology. In an interview she…
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