Marital Drift And The Drift

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Marital drift is a topic that many married couples will experience at some point throughout their marriage. A marital drift is when the couple starts to physically and/or mentally start to move away from one another. The couple can experience the drift for many different reasons and depending on how they handle the drift will determine the outcome of their marriage. No matter the reason for the drift, each individual has to be willing to work on the relationship and their own personal flaws and to not put all the blame one the other individual in order to be able to move forward. Marital drifts can often lead to a divorce if the couple is not willing to work to fix the drift. When a couple is experiencing a marital drift, one of the individuals may not even realize they are going through the drift. This could happen if the person is consumed with the reason for the drift in the first place. Sometimes a person does not realize that there is an issue in the marriage until it is brought to their attention by their partner. If one partner has a secondary emotional reaction, then they may try to deny or repress their emotions and feel they do not have a marital issue (Clinton, 2006). When this is the case, the person who is feeling left out or forgotten, has to make sure they address the issue with their partner, but should do this is in a way that does not make their partner feel attacked. Once a person feels attacked, they are going to get defensive and shut down…
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