Marjane's Persepolis : Is Losing Someone Ever Easy?

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Is losing someone ever easy? From my personal experience, it is not a smooth ride. Having to deal with death is like having a hole drilled in your heart. Truth is, some people lose one to many people over a short period of time, due to different circumstances. Imagine that, having multiple holes drilled into your heavy heart. These set of people due to former experiences, become experts at dealing with death.
The Satrapi family from the book Persepolis, were inflicted with the deaths of loved ones due to the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Mr and Mrs. Satrapi had a daughter, Marjane, during this period. Marjane felt grief at a very young age. She didn't get to experience a ‘normal childhood.’ Her childhood was filled with fear in the air. Rapers, liers, bombers, corrupt officials, filled the nation. Her and and her family lived awaiting another attack, their hearts pumping every time they heard the phone ring. After the revolution, the Satrapi’s became fond of losing loved ones.
Who important do they lose? How did they get over it? How do different deaths affect Marjane in different ways? Using the accounts of the book Persepolis, this essay focuses mainly upon the questions above.

Who important do they lose? How did they get over it?
After the Shah was denounced from power, about three thousand political prisoners were released. This meant the reunions of family and friends. The celebration lasted a little while but things took a sharp turn. The Delivers of Divine Justice

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