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Mark Solis
Mrs. Ham
English 12
02 March 2017
Kite Runner Essay Can one bury their past, if one acts as if something hasn 't happened will it leviate some of the guilt, is it wrong to run away from one’s mistakes? The answer to that question depends entirely on one’s morality so responses vary depending on the individual although the novel’s underlying tone implies that one must atone for past mistakes in order to develop new relationships, one must have the courage to face their demons and make peace with them because no matter how deep in your mind you bury them “.. the past [always] claws its way out...” to haunt you. Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner is an emotional book that illustrates many themes throughout it’s entirety. The
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That jealousy going as far as lying about Hassan’s health , claiming that Hassan “ … has the runs…”, in order to spend some time alone with Baba. However, the guilt of his betrayal eventually becomes too much for Amir and in an attempt to rid himself of Hassan Amir asks Baba if he’d consider new servants. To which an enraged Baba responds with “ You bring me shame…” and then promptly refuses, towards the end of the novel we are provided with some insight to why Baba responded so harshly. As the novel progresses Amir attempts to remove Hassan and Ali from his house, running away from his troubles instead of confronting them head on.
As one can infer, the concept of betrayal is rampant throughout the novel and while the most prominent betrayal is the one Amir commits against Hassan it is by no means the only one. We learn, by means of Rahim Khan, that Ali ( Hassan’s supposed father) was infertile as it is made evident when we are told that his first wife could bare no children with Ali yet bore her second husband “ three daughters” In addition to this revelation Rahim Khan reveals that it was Baba who had gotten Sanaubar ( Hassan’s mother) pregnant, to which
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