Mark Twain 3 For Secrecy Analysis

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Mark Twain was a great writer with tons of tales to tell, but he had a dark past. Growing up he had to deal with moving near a drug store, living in debt, and always being poor. He might’ve wanted money for his family, however, he did not want the fame that came with it.

I’m currently writing a book with my friend Celena called Secrecy, which we will try to publish by the summer of 2016. We both decided we didn’t wish to be recognized for our work, and agreed on the pen name Rachel Lidano because it sounded nice, and we felt it held a bit of mystery within.

Rachel Lidano could become my entire life someday. Celena and I wish to write at least a series of 3 for Secrecy, and are looking forward to the final product. This name would probably
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