Mark Twain Character Traits

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Mark Twain, a well-known American writer, had many character traits. He was Funny, self-deprecating, forgiving, honest, and skillful. Of course, he had others too, and it would be impossible to fully and completely describe a person in one essay. He was a very important writer in American history, and has brought many good stories to people all over the country.

A sense of humor, a very useful thing in life, is something that Mark Twain definitely had. In the chapters form his autobiography, it says that the publishing house had told Mark Twain that his book had lots of humor in it. It would be hard to write a book with humor in it if you didn't have a sense of humor yourself. Also, when a publisher wouldn't publish one of his stories, Twain would imagine killing him over and over in his head in very cruel ways. This was probably not funny at the
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In his autobiography, Twain writes that the publisher who refused to publish his book later said that it was the biggest mistake of his life. That implies that it must have been a really great book to have made the publisher change his mind so drastically. Also in his auto biography, Twain says that the publishing house who published his book was brought out of debt by the sales of his fantastic book. That is very impressive considering that debts can get very big, especially for a big company like that. Just the sales of his book alone to be the thing that brings them out of debt must mean that it was the most superb of books.

Lastly, Mark Twain was Honest and forgiving. Mark Twain forgave the aforementioned publisher who would not publish his book. This shows that Twain understands that people make mistakes and that they need to be forgiven. He is also Honest. When he accidentally plagiarized that poem, he wrote a letter as an apology to make up for it and said that the poet could plagiarize his work any time he
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