Market Analysis : Davech Cribs

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Target Market


Davech cribs is in a market of their own, literally a step above its competition. Davech is providing the only crib on the market that replaces the un-stationary crib rail. Davechs’ target area focuses on caregivers of infants who seek an alternative to the un-stationary crib rails. The main target market will consist of men and women between the ages of 18-35. Davech cribs are high quality cribs designed to attract middle and upper class families who look for quality when making purchases. The cribs’ price reflects its image of high quality and competes with other high end name brands in the crib industry.


Davech uses only the highest quality of materials to ensure a very …show more content…

Davech is certified by the Environmental protection agency for using certified green energy while manufacturing and distributing our cribs. With all of these certification we hope to ensure our customers that we are indeed a environmental conscious and a renewable energy company.

When our cribs are ordered on-line, shipping charges are included. Davech wants our customers to feel confident and assured when ordering online. We offer a 100 day no questions asked 100% satisfaction guarantee with our cribs, we even pay the return shipping charges. Davech warranties all of our cribs to be free of any manufacturing defects for five years, ensuring our customers a quality product from a quality company.


Davech feels our products are a premium brand, and because of this we put in place a selective distribution system. The retailers we choose share the same values as Davech, and are excited as we are to sell a high quality technological advance baby Crib. All manufacturing are done at our advance manufacturing factories, where quality is assured and demanded. Davech nationwide headquarters is located in Newburgh, NY. We were able to secure a large economically reasonable warehouse due to the economic crisis that Newburgh is currently experiencing. Davech feels

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