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In accordance with its mission, Anabel’s Grocery is committed to delivering strategic assets and services to their customers. Although the physical store is in its inception period, they still have many critical values and strengths including brand equity. With the help of previous marketing techniques, Anabel’s Grocery has built a brand centered on affordability and trust. Furthermore, the organization is very engaged with hosting cooking session and meal kit build events, which allows them to share other main strategic assets like their knowledge and expertise. Another important strategic asset is the organization’s strong relationship with Cornell University and its student. The greater Cornell community provides important monetary…show more content…
By segmenting the market, the organization can focus on the core benefits that will be received. • Bridge to community: Anabel’s Grocery provides students and faculty members with the opportunity to give back to the community. Not only can they work together to improve and promote food security in the community, they can also meet other students and enhance their self-identity by being part of a larger cause. The segmentation variable that is most relevant to this service is geography because Cornell students and faculty will be most affected and attracted to this service. • Teaching: Most people are aware of the concept of food insecurity, but very few actually understand it and what it means. Some think it is not having enough food to eat, but food insecurity can also come from the lack of time to buy food. Therefore, it is importance that the Cornell community learns about the causes and effects of food insecurity. Since this is applicable to every behavioral and psychological segment, the most relevant segmentation variable is geography because Cornell students are going to be the one most affected. However, they can also focus on demographics like income and students receiving financial aid because they are more likely to exhibit food insecurity. • Engaged learning: Anabel’s Grocery provides hands-on and in-depth cooking lessons and meal kit build sessions to educate the public. Their “customers” will have the

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