Marketing Analysis And Market Segmentation

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I always assumed that marketing was those pesky sales people who were trying to get you to buy their brand of merchandise or services because they “supposedly” offer the best deal. Those ads you see that insist their product is the most recent revelation in break through products. I now know that marketing is more than that. Marketing is not just the selling but also the advertisement, research, accounting and production of products or services. Marketing is “communication the value of a product, service or brand to customers, for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand.”
Marketing techniques can include selecting a target market through market analysis and market segmentation or by understanding consumer
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They have to stay ahead of technology, clothing trends or even the latest vehicle to provide what the consumer is looking for. Marketing experts also conduct research, in two particular ways; primary and secondary research. Secondary data is information that has already been collected or published and is readily available, while primary data is information collected specifically to solve a current problem. Typically when researchers rush to gather data and there is much relevant secondary information already available. One of the first places researchers should look for secondary data is the Internet. Marketing managers can find a slew of useful information on the Internet, however not all information is reliable. Being sure to look for reliable Internet sites is key.
Collecting primary data includes two basic methods of obtaining information about customers: questioning and observing. This could include group interviews, mail and online surveys, telephone surveys or personal interview surveys, all which are time consuming for the employer, and costly to pay for mailers and the creation of online surveys that don 't always provide the best results. You also have experts who handle marketing planning – strategizing a plan to effectively manage more than one product at a time in more than one market. Products that has been on the market a while can reached its life-cycle, therefore, at times a
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