Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing

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As I reflect back over these last five weeks I now have a clearer view of marketing and how it affects not just the consumers of the world and the companies with their marketing managers, but how it affects me. Yes, I am a consumer who clips coupons, budgets my finances, and looks for sale items and this marketing class has taught me that marketing is more than selling or advertising. Marketing managers have a difficult job, as marketing involves identifying, meeting and satisfying the needs of customers or clients with goods and or services. Coming up with different strategies and marketing mixes is challenging because we live in a changing world with people who needs and financial situations are different. Yet still marketing engulfs every part of our daily lives. From what type of breakfast we eat, to where we shop, and even in our work environment. As I examine marketing, I will blend aspect to my career path as I make myself marketable for the future and aid my employer in the growth and survival in the economy.
Marketing plays a role in the development and economic growth as it sparks research and innovation. Research to go above and beyond and innovation to develop and spread new ideas, goods, and services while meeting the needs of consumers. In doing this the market stays competitive and provides the consumer with a variety to choose from. As I develop my career, I am making myself more marketable by attending the University Of Mount Olive. While I develop
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