Marketing Analysis : Ulta Beauty

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The definition of true beauty continues to evolve as generations pass and new ones emerge. Ulta Beauty, a popular cosmetic store, sells products with the aim to make women feel confident in their skin. Their use of advertisements helps spread the word about new, improved product lines and reach out to potential buyers. Selling makeup is the obvious goal of a cosmetic store, but the kind of consumers they attract and how varies between different franchises. When a company displays their products in one shot instead of in a commercial, the task of conveying the message becomes harder. Ulta Beauty persuades women to purchase their products by pointing out buyers’ insecurities while still appearing to promote empowering feminist values. The placement of the products and the words surrounding them are a key influence on how the advertisement is portrayed to the public. Makeup appeals to some people due to its ability to enhance certain features, for example eyelashes or eye color. In this particular display, all of the products that exemplify beauty remain uncapped allowing the consumer to better visualize how that product benefits them. It also conveys a sense of transparency because the brush doesn’t need to be hidden, moving the consumer to trust the claims of the other items on display. The other merchandise stands slightly obscured behind the enhancing products and appear to be sample packets instead of the actual bottle. Because of the white packaging,the item blends into

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