Marketing Communication Creative Brief and Imc Plan

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Content Page Executive Summary 3 1. Situation Analysis 3 1.1 Internal Analysis 3 1.2 External Analysis 4 1.3 SWOT 4 2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity 5 2.1 Marketing Problem 5 2.2 Marketing Opportunity 5 3. Marketing Objectives 5 4. Positioning 6 5. Communication Objectives 7 6. Campaign Budget 8 6.1 Budgeted Costs 9 7. Campaign Target Audience 11 7.1 Brand Loyalty 11 7.2 Creative Targets 12 7.3 Behavioural Sequence Model (BSM) 13 8. Choice of Media 14 8.1 Traditional Advertising 14 i. TV Commercials 14 ii. Magazines for Young Women (Print Advertisements) 14 iii. Commercials in Cinemas 15 iv. Road Shows 15 v. Billboards/ Decals on MRT Stations 15 vi. Skin Analysis…show more content…
It is essential for Olay to understand what had led the consumers to have misperception of the brand and strengthen its marketing plan. 1.3 SWOT | Internal | External | Strengths | Brand equity | Opportunities | Enhancement of marketing plan | Weakness | Perception of product/brand | Threats | Competition from rival brands | 2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity 2.1 Marketing Problem Current consumer sentiments about OTE are that they are catered to older and matured women who will need this product to fight signs of aging. Younger women feel that this product would not be necessary since they currently do not have aging issues. 2.2 Marketing Opportunity To overcome the problem, it gives us an opportunity to market the product in a manner that OTE helps to prevent by slowing down signs of aging, at the same time tackling current aging issues. The campaign would also educate consumers by highlighting the benefits of OTE –Fighting 7 signs of aging, which is the unique selling point of the product. As all they would need is this one product to ensure radiant and young skin. This would appease and appeal to the beauty conscious women. 3. Marketing Objectives As of 2012, Olay Total Effects holds close to 0.9% of the market share (Procter & Gamble. 2012). The following marketing objectives provide an outline of what we hope to achieve by the end of our 3-month campaign with the new Olay Total Effects integrated marketing
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