Marketing Crises Degrading Women : Introduction

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Marketing Crises Degrading Women
Introduction: The Situation In 2011, the big name brand soft drink Company “Dr. Pepper Snapple Group” made a bold attempt in new advertising, geared toward men. The attempt was to get more men to drink a lower calorie diet soda. The new soda claimed to taste like a normal Dr. Pepper soft drink and was named Dr. Pepper Ten, for having only ten calories. The casing of the soda came in a non-original gunmetal grey casing with silver bullets on it, to make it appear less womanly. What made the soda different is that it was not like the diet soda, it still has calories and sugar in it, but it had less. As the commercial came out women began to get more aggravated, however. The Dr. Pepper ten commercial took …show more content…

There was also a Facebook page made for the soft drink and its campaign. However, the Facebook page has an application on it that allows women to be excluded from viewing anything on the page itself. From there any men on the page can play different games, directed at providing a “macho man” image. In a USA Today article, Anderson (2011) writes as an example of one of the mini-games being, “a shooting gallery where you shoot things like high heels and lipstick…” and as well the is a "man quiz" that contains questions relating to hunting and fishing. Continuing with the pattern another article appears in ABC News by Clarke (2011) that relates to another mini-game found within the Facebook page that, “…dispenses “man’ments” such as “Thou Shalt Not Pucker Up. Kissy faces are never manly,” and “Thou Shalt Not Make a ‘Man-Gagement’ Album. That is all”. There is no argument that this commercial and advertising was geared solely toward men. It was stated multiple times throughout the process, that it was not woman friendly.
Statistics It is no doubt that this campaign was made for a reason. Dr. Pepper had done their research in the statistics department in order to come up with advertisement like this. The goal of the Dr. Pepper ten ad was to get men to drink a lower calorie soda, without feeling like less of a man. As an article from the MarketingDaily by Lukovitz (2011) Ace Metrix was used to rank the commercial. At the time the commercial

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