Marketing Design and Innovation

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Marketing Assignment Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Arguments for and against the Product 5 From Luxury to Necessity 6 Critical analysis and the Development over time 6 Current Market Scenario 10 Customer Segmentation 10 Price Differentiation 11 Market Segmentation 11 The Future Outlook 12 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 13 Executive Summary An attempt has been made through this paper to understand the evolution and development of televisions from the marketing perspective. This paper discusses the shortcomings which were noticed by manufacturers which initiated a chain of constant innovation and improvement. It also gives useful insights on the evolution of television and its positive/negative impact. Introduction…show more content…
The operation can be anything right from production to selling. All these activities or operations have a cost factor attached with them; this cost factor is the major basis of differentiation. Other than this there are various other points which can lead to differentiation for instance technological advancement, excellent inventory acquisition etc. Competitive advantage cannot be assessed by a mere holistic look at the organisation. One has to look deep into every activity performed in the organisation to comprehend the differentiating factors and cost position. Michael Porter’s Value chain helps us to look into each and every aspect of the firm and hence we are better equipped to determine the areas of improvement as well as the activities which give us an edge over others. (Porter, 1985) Moving on, Cathode ray tube TVs had its own pros and cons. The unique feature of CRT TVs is that they are amazingly strong; they can even sustain heavy damages and falls. The reason why CRTs are so strong is because they have a glass screen which is approximately around 10 mm thick. Even if the glass breaks, the Picture tube inside remains quite safe. However, the plus point of CRT technology has itself become its drawback. The Cathode ray tube adds bulk to the TV and so does the
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