Marketing Information System

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Marketing information system
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A Marketing Information System can be defined as 'a system in which marketing information is formally gathered, stored, analysed and distributed to managers in accordance with their informational needs on a regular basis ' (Jobber, 2007)
The system is created through an understanding of the information needs of marketing management. It is available to supply information when, where and how the manager requires it. Data is taken from the marketing environment and
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But company people are often busy and fail to pass on important information. The company must 'sell ' its people on their importance as intelligence gatherers, train them to spot new developments and urge them to report intelligence hack to the company. The company must also persuade suppliers, resellers and customers to pass along important intelligence. Some information on competitor’s conies from what they say about themselves in annual reports, speeches, press releases and advertisements. The company can also learn about competitors from what others say about them in business publications and at trade shows. Or the company can watch what competitors do - buying and analyzing competitors ' products, monitoring their sales and checking for new patents. Companies also buy intelligence information from outside suppliers.
Some companies set up an office to collect and circulate marketing intelligence. The staff scans relevant publications, summarize important news and send news bulletins to marketing managers. They develop a file of intelligence information and help managers evaluate new information. These services greatly improve the quality of information available to marketing managers. The methods used to gather competitive information range from the ridiculous to the illegal. Managers routinely shred documents because wastepaper baskets can be an information source.

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