Marketing Is The Process Of Planning And Executing The Conception, Price, Promotion, And Distribution Of An Essay

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Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, price, promotion and distribution of an idea, good or service and creating events and maintaining relationships so that both the individual and organization are happy. In order to properly market, one must be able to find and keep his/her customer. It is important to realize that marketing is a never ending job and it is always changing. Marketing Myopia - is management’s lack of understanding of the scope of its business. 4 P’s Product The product is the good or service that is supplied by an individual or company, and is sold to their target market. When discussing your product it is important to consider, the value of the product, how it is made, what it looks like, who the target market will be, and what the purpose of the product is. Price The price is the amount of money that a customer will have to pay in order to obtain the product that you are selling. Price can be affected and decided by many different factors such as, quality of product, where it is manufactured, the value of the product, and the target market. Place The place affects many different aspects of the product. First the location that the product is manufactured affects the product in many ways, such as: how much it costs to ship it, and how long it will take to get to you or the customer. Another aspect of the place category is the location that the product will be sold, this could be through a whole seller, a store front, or
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