Marketing Mix of Amazon Essay

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Marketing Mix of Amazon
One of the most difficult tasks for an organization is creating an all-around environment that allows a group of customers to feel comfortable purchasing a specific product or service from them. This strategy requires the organization to determine the ideal product or service at the right price, getting sold in the correct location, within the proper time frame. This paper intends to describe how uses the marketing mix to ensure an ideal environment for consumers, and displays how each of these sections are implemented.
Amazon was founded in 1994 and is considered the largest e-commerce retailer in America. In 20 years this organization has become a fortune 500 company that has dominated the …show more content…

Amazon is unique in the products they offer to the public because it is so broad of a category. They provide their customers with the ability to choice from a wide variety of products, brand names, and designs. Amazon can be looked at as a one stop website because it allows the customer to compare all the statistics or features of a product with others that are offered.
The Place Variable
The place section of the marketing mix will help the organization determine how customers will access the products or services from the company, or understand where they initially will look. Knowing where customers will look gives the company the advantage of choosing the proper distribution channels, and staying ahead or on par with competitors with their advertising methods. The location to find the products and services Amazon offers is online, or at the convenience and comfort of the consumers home, office, coffee shop, library or any other location you can access the Internet from. All of the information on Amazons website is categorized by group, brand, features, color, and other selections, depending on the category that is being searched. Merchandise is ordered online and then shipped to the customers chosen location, normally their home or business. Many of Amazons customers are small business owners so this set up is ideal for these individuals because there is less shopping around to do, and the merchandise can be sent to them directly.

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