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Executive Summary The purpose of this marketing plan is to analysis and identify the market plan of “We love Foreigner” which will be created by Translation call centre and information for tourism Service (TCCT) company. This service is an innovative and TCCT is the only one provider of this service in Australian Market. This call centre provides the service in six significance languages namely Japanese, Korean China, Spanish, Portuguese and France, called service language. “We love Foreigner” provide diversify customer value depend on particular purpose of using it. However main customer value of this service are reducing miscommunication, creating good customer experience and more understanding in travel related information. The…show more content…
Therefore they can reduce risk from misunderstanding as well as plan the best trip for themselves. TCCT will provide six languages namely Japanese, Korean China, Spanish, Portuguese and France. These languages will be called Services Language in this report. Providing Service Language, TCCT will cover approximately 32% of all visitors in 2008 (Tourism Australia, 2009). This statistic was exclude number of visitor from South America countries which almost all countries speak Portuguese and Spanish (Language Log, 2007). 2.Market overview Australia is thought to be a mix culture country because there are a lot of foreigners come into the country with difference objectives which generate benefit for Australian economic. For example, overseas students are accounted as customers in export education services which are the third largest export income of Australia (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2008). Moreover, travel industry accounted 11.5 billion dollar in 2007 (Anthony, 2008). However, communication problems between non-English speaking visitors and native speaker, obviously, become common problems in Australian society even in daily activities basis. For example, overseas students misunderstand in important conditions in serious negotiation such as house rental, employment, and bank. Hotels or travel accommodations might have the same problems. Their staff might not able to understand customers’ requirement

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