Marketing Plan for Mcdonalds

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1. Executive Summery/Introduction

This report is being completed for the marketing unit. The purpose of this report is to produce a marketing audit of a company, which will consist of SMART objectives and aims. As well as showing a SWOT and Pest analysis of the company, this will give a good insight of how the company is doing. The audit will show what the company can do to improve themselves. The company that has been chosen for this report is McDonalds, this is because they are one of the most successful brands in the world and the number one fast food restaurant. The research that was carried out for this report mainly came from reading a range of books on Marketing, the Internet was used to research the company.

McDonalds is
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Others opportunities that can arise could be a delivery service, this may be popular for customers as they can have McDonald’s food whenever they want without going out.

The company faces major competition from other fast food restaurants and this may be seen as a threat. A lot of their advertising is aimed at younger children and they encourage them to go to their restaurants they advertise happy meals aimed at children, play pens and free toys, they face a lot of criticism for this from Parents. The children may get used to eating McDonalds food and continue when they are adults this will possibly lead to obesity. McDonalds also get criticism from environmental groups because of the vast amount of packaging they use as well as the huge amount of litter it creates, but it could be argued that it is the customer’s responsibility to put the litter in the bins. They are also especially under attack from animal rights groups as they are the world’s largest user of beef. They are seen to be a capitalist organisation and some protesters feel that they are just one money making business, although they do give a lot of money to charities nationally. “Ronald McDonald House Charities supports Ronald McDonald House as well as thousands of other worthy non-profit organizations dedicated to the well-being of children.” ( McDonalds have been around for a very long time and it is important
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