Marketing Plan for a Bakery

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SUMMARY Chad Bakes outlet in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi offers a casual, bistro-style seating and a mouth-watering variety of bakery specialties made fresh each day in the kitchen. Open from 11am to 11pm, Chad Bakes is the ideal place for gathering with friends and family, meeting business partners or have a romantic date over sweets. Featuring an extensive menu of Gourmet cupcakes, Baby shower cakes, Wedding cakes, Picture or character cakes, Children's birthday cakes, Anniversary cakes, Cupcake bouquets, Whimsical or topsy-turvy cake, Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Cream Puffs, Gourmet Brownies, Mousse Cakes, Pies & Cookies Chad Bakes is a truly
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South Delhi being one of the posh areas of Delhi, opening up Chad Bakes somewhere in south Delhi would be the best idea.

Although Chad Bakes is creating a new niche in the food service industry, we do share similarities, and therefore compete with several kinds of quick-service dessert businesses:

1. Restaurants: any restaurant offering dessert. 2. Ice Cream Shops: Baskin & Robbins,Nirulas,Cocoberry etc. 3. Donut and Coffee Shops: any place coffee and pastries are available for carry-out or dine-in consumption, Like barista, cafe coffee day, Cinnabon, Donut Master 4. Supermarket: in-store bakeries as well as frozen specialty desserts offer some competition. 5. Bakeries: free-standing traditional bakeries.

Some of the major players in the bakery industry would be Wenger’s, Angel’s in my Kitchen, Nirula’s, Breads and More etc


Market Segmentation

Our market is divided into four different psychographics: Workers, celebrators, children, Gourmet Wanna-bes

Workers will include people who can have a meeting over a plate of dessert. With a quiet ambience of indoor and outdoor Chad bakes will be a good and central place to meet. They may stop in on their own or bring clients in for a gourmet dessert experience.

Celebrators are just that - people celebrating special occasions. Birthday, anniversary, graduation, valentine's day, etc., families and loved ones will gather at Chad Bakes over sumptuous desserts and a festive

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