Panera Bread Case Study Essay

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BUS 480 Strategic Audit Michelle Herndon (2012) Case Number and Title Case 32: Panera Bread Company (2010): Still Rising Fortunes? CURRENT SITUATION Panera Bread’s intention is “to make Panera Bread a nationally recognized brand name and to be the dominant restaurant operator in the specialty bakery-café segment.” Panera experienced competition from many numerous sources in its trade areas. Their competition was with specialty food, casual dining and quick service cafes, bakeries, and restaurant retailers, including national, regional, and locally owned. The competitive factors included location, environment, customer service, price, and quality of products. Panera learned from its competitors, none of its competitors had yet …show more content…

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Panera was a Delaware corporation and its corporate headquarters were located in Saint Louis, Missouri. Board of Directors Divided into three classes of membership, At the time of the May 2010 annual meeting, the Board consisted of six members. The board has established three standing committees, each of which operated under a charter approved by the Board. Ronald M. Shaich is the only internal member and he created the company’s “starter.” He was the master baker who combined the ingredients and cultivated the leavening agent that catalyzed the company’s phenomenal growth. Mr. Shaich has been the vision and driving force behind Panera’s success from the company’s beginnings until his resignation as CEO and Chairman effective May 13, 2010. William Moreton succeeded Mr. Shaich as Chief Executive Officer, and the Board intended to appoint him as President and elect him to the Board. He re-joined Panera in November 2008 as Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer. His previous experience includes Potbelly Sandwich Works and Baja Fresh, a subsidiary of Wendy’s International Inc. Larry Franklin was a Director since 2001. His experience includes Franklin Sports Inc. and Bradford Soap International Inc. Fred Foulkes was a director since 2003. He had been a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Founder and Director of the Human Resources Policy

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