Marketing Policy And Practice Of The Pharmaceutical Company

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Introduction This document present the marketing policy and practice of the pharmaceutical company, Reckitt Benckiser and their brand, Nurofen. A recent case in the industry has surface due to the unethical marketing practice of Nurofen discussing that the brand has been using unethical marketing strategy to market their product to consumers. Marketing theories and strategy such as Pestle analysis and 4 P’s Marketing strategy, ethical theories such as utilitarianism will be included to evaluate the marketing policy of the brand. The resulting data from these evaluation are meant to provide recommendation for the company. Background The recent scandal in Australian, the branded painkillers, Nurofen has ordered the brand to take their…show more content…
( 2015) Nurofen has to produce a report to disclose to their consumers of the findings, and their mother company, Reckitt Benckise has agreed on an interim packaging with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for use following the removal of all Nurofen products in Australia. ( 2015) Findings and Analysis Based on the findings on the Nurofen case, marketing theories and strategies will be used to analysis the case from an ethical point of view. Marketing Mix Price Pricing a product is important to the brand, it produces value for the products and services, consumers frequently make a deal on what they purchase and the amount they paid for the purpose of the purchase. (Wooruff 1997) Consumers will be feel exploited when they are paying a high price for a product which do not value the amount they spent. It is not ethical to manipulate the price especially necessity good, pricing strategies must not violated on values like transparency, autonomy and honesty. (Guo 2012) As a market leader Nurofen priced their products at a high value, but these products do not value as much as their have priced. This is price discriminating, the brand is charging different consumer different prices for the same product. (Juan M 2011) Price discrimination is consider unethical, but as a
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