Marketing Strategies Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

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Have you ever sat down at a fast food restaurant enjoying a delicious triple grand slam cheeseburger and think about all the strategies of how all of this was created? I know I have. The fast food industry is one of the most complex industries out there. With all the marketing strategies, healthier options, and completive markets this could easily but one of the most difficult industries to be a part of. To evaluate, this industry I will dive into the fields of management, the completive landscape, organization of the industry, changes in the industry, and the organizational culture around it. To start off, the organization in the Fast Food Industry is extremely complex. On the basic level, restaurant will usually comprise their workers with Crew Members, Crew Trainers, Maintenance Members, Preparation Members, and Crew Leaders. The industry organizations will divide the crew into these patches in order, for them to achieve their business goals. Typically, we will see industry leaders such as McDonald’s divide their management staff in many segments. This would include Floor Supervisors, Swing Managers, First Department Managers, Second Department Managers, Third Department Managers, and the General Managers. This gives the restaurants a variety of staff and more promotion opportunities that could be exceeded in the restaurant. Beyond the restaurant we will see Patch Managers, District Managers, Opps Managers, the CEO if the company is not bought out, and then the Board of

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