Marley and Me Was Based on a True Loving Family Essay

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The story of Marley and me is a true story based on a family that lived there life caring and loving “the world’s worst dog” as John Grogan says. The book was released in 2005. Three years passed when they decided to make a movie and live it out all over again, the movie was released in 2008. The night of John and Jennies wedding day is how the story begins, as the couple is sitting down one morning drinking coffee Jenny looks at her plant and says “how am I supposed to take care of a baby if I can’t even keep a plant alive.”
This is where the conflict begins, John saw an ad in the newspaper that said “yellow Labrador puppies for sale” he came up with this bright idea to surprise Jenny for her birthday. John takes her to the farm where …show more content…

While all the dogs are obeying there owners, the only dog that isn’t listing to his commands is Marley, an hour into the class Marley did something horrible and was soon kicked out and not returning to training. John and Jenny had no idea what to do next they both thought raising a dog was going to be so much easier than a baby. They were running out of options on how to make Marley a calm dog. Jenny then said “it’s time to neuter him” John totally disagreed but it was the only option left. Once Marley was neutered he calmed down just a little, he was not such a crazy dog and he respected his owners more. Marley still had his moments when it came down to being crazy, when he saw the mailman or there was a thunderstorm, other than that Marley turned out to be a good dog. Marley got more protective over Jenny when she was expecting her first child, he began to watch over her and knew what was going on with her. Marley soon understood that he had to be a good boy with a baby in the house if not he was in trouble.
To Conclude Jenny and John end up having three kids, after it took them so long to adjust to Marley. They each loved Marley to the end and back. Every day Marley would run to the front of the house and wait for the school bus to arrive to race the kids back home. Until one day Marley was catching up to his old age, he was no longer the little hyper

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