Marriage of John and Elizabeth in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Marriage of John and Elizabeth in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

John Proctor shows many strengths and weaknesses throughout The
Crucible. He is honest, upright and blunt-spoken. His manliness acts
a great strength, but also as a weakness, for this is what led him to
his affair with Abigail. The guilt he feels over this contributes to
his imprisonment and death as it prevents him from speaking out soon

Proctor is honest and regrets what he has done wrong. “God help me, I
lusted and there is a promise in such sweat. But it is a whore’s
vengeance and you must see it, I set myself entirely in your hand.”
This shows he accepts his mistakes and regrets them, but he knows he
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She is paranoid. “What keeps you so long?” shows she is always
thinking and expecting the worst. In this case she thinks John has
been with Abigail. This could also show she is pessimistic.
Elizabeth is demanding, in charge and domineering. This is shown in
her marriage to John. John has to answer to Elizabeth and she has to
know where he is all the time.

She is confident in her own morality and is able to maintain a sense
of virtue. Elizabeth is thought of as a woman of unimpeachable
honesty, but it is this reputation that causes her husband to be
condemned when thinking it will save him, lies about his affair with

The crucible can be seen as a classic tragedy. John plays the honest
and kind hero. He has one secret though, his lust for Abigail
Williams. This affair leads to Abigail’s jealousy towards John’s wife
Elizabeth. His affair with Abigail ends, but the trail in the
marriage of John and Elizabeth Proctor does not.

Elizabeth can never regain John’s trust and is very suspicious
whenever he is not around, especially when he returns home late.

Abigail continues to make a pass on John, but he has realised it was a
mistake and does not agree with Abigail. When he bursts out with his
confession about committing adultery by calling Abigail a “whore”,
Elizabeth obviously realises that she can trust him that he is no
longer having…