Abigail Williams Greed

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Miller argues that to be greedy means you care about your own needs before anyone else. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller through his character Abigail Williams, who symbolizes greediness, to argue that there are greedy people in the world who will do anything to get what they want turning her into a person that feels heartless. Abigail Williams demonstrates greediness because she is needy, selfish, and determined.
Clearly, Abigail is greedy as she constantly needs the center of attention circled around her and will steal it away from anyone who tries to take it from her. As tituba is confessing to conjuring spirits, all of the power is to her and as we know Abigail is clearly not okay with it. Abigail inturupts Hale while he is comforting …show more content…

Abigail on the other hand wants John to love her as he loves his wife and wants Elizabeth gone. “With bitter anger; Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be-” (Act 1, 23). Abigail felt distraught and angry at John when said that he will never see her again as she continues to talk about his wife so John feels guilty among himself. Abigail as well made a poppet in church for Mary Warren to give to Elizabeth as a “gift” although she had stuck a needle in the bottom of the dress by the belly. Abigail earlier that morning had been seen having a needle shoved in the exact same location. “She'll kill me for sayin that! Proctor continues toward her. Abigail charged lechery on you, Mr. Proctor!” (Act 2, 80).Handing Elizabeth with a poppet inserted with a needle was the most clever way for Abigail to charged Elizabeth of imposing with craft upon her. Knowing Mary Warren is afraid of her she took advantage of it to steal John Proctor from his wife.
Clearly Abigail is greedy as she is very persistent of having John all to herself when clearly he is not hers to have proving she is very selfish and will do anything to have what she desires.
Lastly, Abigail is greedy throughout the novel not only because she is selfish but also because she is very determined in anything she sets her mind to.At the end of

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