Essay Marriot vs Hyatt

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Mission, Vision, Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning: Marriott and Hyatt
Lori Scholl
University of Maryland, University College
Business Management 364, Section 4015
May 24, 2012

I. Mission and Vision Statements Mission Statement Organizing the direction of a business or corporation is essential because it can increase profitability and provide broad guidelines for how to accomplish the organization goals. This is where a mission statement becomes useful. A mission statement should be short, concise, and to the point. Employees should be able to remember it and make it part of their everyday work culture. Marriott and Hyatt are two of the largest hospitality providers in the world. Marriott has over 3,700 …show more content…

Ultimately, Hyatt and Marriott do not seem to be heading in the same direction, and due to the differences in the size of their current business portfolios, it is realistic. II. Social Responsibility Activities In the business world, social responsibility refers to accountability. There is the accountability of the company to itself, and to the communities where they have a presence. Especially when a business is as large and far reaching as Marriott, they have a responsibility to give back and help to improve society. It is also believed that by engaging in socially responsible activities, the company will improve its image and increase profit. Marriott has done a great job of participating in a diversified collection of charitable initiatives, events, and organizations. Their main area of focus has been the environment because that is where their business has the most impact. They have given and raised money for the preservation of 1.4 million acres of rainforest in the Juma Reserve in Brazil, glad to aid in the conservation effort that can save species and improve the global climate ( Additionally, Marriot “launched “Nobility of Nature,” a $500,000 commitment to help protect the source of fresh water for more than 2 million people in Asia” ( In addition to their external practices, Marriot is concerned about the effect their businesses have on the environment and for this reason

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