Marrying Absurd

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Joan Didion’s essay “Marrying Absurd” is a comical review of Las Vegas and its wedding business. It gives the reader a more in depth look at the things they always expected were happening in Nevada but were never concerned enough about to do the research. While I already knew most of the information in the essay, Didion presented it in such an entertaining, sarcastic manner that I was never bored. Without coming right out and saying just what she thought of the industry she told us exactly how she felt about the Las Vegas “spur of the moment” way of life by choosing her words very carefully. “All of these services, like most others in Las Vegas…are offered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, presumably on the premise that …show more content…

Didion ends her essay in the most effective way possible, with one last story to tie it all together. The picture of the wedding party sipping pink champagne (minus the bride who is too young to do so) is classic and illustrates her points without her having to reiterate them. By mentioning that the bride was several months pregnant she shows that the Las Vegas wedding is probably not the real desire but the necessity, demonstrating that drunken impulse is

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