The Unethical Practices Of Casinos

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The Unethical Practices of Casinos
When walking into “The Strip” in Las Vegas, an instant feel of excitement rushes up. The flashy neon lights paired with glimpses of amazing acrobatics on gigantic screens easily brings up the energy of tourists, businessmen, and gambling addicts. You may wonder how a once stranded desert can transform into such a paradise of skyscrapers. The answer lies in casinos.
In the early 1930s, gambling was legalized throughout the state of Nevada and casinos began to flourish (Dunstan, 1997). The economic growth in Nevada, especially the city of Las Vegas, has improved tremendously by the creation of casinos. Many people were employed since the operation of casinos requires a huge amount of labor, skill, and expertise. In addition, local retail sales also increased from casinos when gamblers visit the stores to spend their winnings on various items and products (Garrett, 2003). As a result, many state governments began to legalize casinos in order to boost their economies and increase employment. As of today, there are roughly 1500 casinos in the United States and they generate almost 65 billion dollars in revenue (“Facts on U.S Casinos” 2013). However, casinos use immoral methods to achieve this incredible feat of big profit with few government interventions. While the city of Las Vegas becomes more prosperous than before, many citizens lose their fortunes or even lives by the immoral business practices implemented by the casinos. Even though the

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